Community Connection - Grief Support Group

Local Support Services

Memorial Funeral Homes, through its Community Connections programs, sponsors  workshops, seminars and classes throughout the year to assist anyone who is grieving with the healing process. We also have a licensed clinical social worker on staff available for one on one private counseling. If you would like more information about our programs please give us a call, (401) 619-2877 or email us at

Lark d'Helen,  our Director of Community Education

Meet Lark d'Helen,  our Director of Community Education.  d’Helen coordinates the Community Connections program of Memorial Funeral Homes, which provides workshops, seminars, support groups and one-to-one counseling for the community focused on addressing grief and end-of-life issues and conversations. She has Certification in Thanatology (CT), the most respected practice credential in the field of thanatology, the study of death, loss, and bereavement. Certification in Thanatology (CT®) is a foundation certification that is designed to enhance professional knowledge and promote excellence in the field combined with experience in the field.  

Our bereavement program was developed over 15 years ago and remains the only program of its kind on Aquidneck Island. What began as a 6-week education and support group to meet the needs of our grieving families now reaches out to the entire community with a wide variety of groups, workshops and resources for managing grief, adjusting to loss and finding hope.

Understanding Your Grief, our 7-week support and education group provides an opportunity to learn about grief and its effects while sharing support and understanding. Many of our family members have found this foundation group to be greatly reassuring and comforting. You can find greater peace and believe in a meaningful future.This group is offered free to the entire community.

The Grief Recovery Method, You CAN feel better and move beyond the pain and loss. It is a myth that time heals all wounds. The truth is healing is promoted by taking specific actions. Learn the Grief Recovery Method in this free 8 week class which can help bring you closer to a more rewarding life.

Traumatic Loss; Surviving Sudden Loss, sudden loss creates special problems for survivors. Grief is often intensified, this group can help.

Assorted classes and programs, topics on our 2017/18 calendar include: Cooking for You, Memory Garden Workshop, Mothers' Day Remembrance Tea and Walking for Grief Resilience to name a few.