COVID Update

 We recognize the impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is continuing to impact our community and the services we can provide.  We are doing everything we can to keep our facilities, staff, and the families we serve safe.

Our team is making every effort possible to keep our space and equipment clean and sanitized, and implementing the necessary distancing practices. With regular updates from the RI Dept of Health and national experts, we are keeping up to date with best practices. 

We are assisting families with wakes and visitations, funerals and memorial services. As of our most recent update on November 2, 2020, all funeral services and gatherings are limited to a capacity of 10 people at one time. Church capacities will vary based on their size and their own discretion. This limit includes cemetery and outdoor services, no more than 10 people may be in attendance. With all gatherings, face coverings are required, and a tracing log will be recorded for everyone in attendance.

We have also begun to implement a new phase of HVAC upgrades and operational practices to keep our staff and guests healthy as we enter the colder months.

The Edenbach family and the staff of Memorial Funeral Homes has been making efforts to provide alternatives for the families to continue to share in these services. 


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”–Helen Keller