Your Questions Answered

Cremation is a contemporary disposition, and therefore there are still many questions to be answered. Here are some questions Memorial Funeral Home’s funeral directors commonly answer to give you insight on the cremation process.

The cremation process depends on the size of the individual and the container used; approximately 3 to 5 hours.

The cost of a cremation has several components, some dictated by state law, and others by how a funeral home chooses to provide their services. As a result, comparing cremation prices can be somewhat confusing.

We pride ourselves on a family first philosophy, helping you as if we were helping our own family.

The prices you are quoted are complete and accurate, we will provide documentation on everything we discuss, and you will not pay for items you did not request.

Our professional obligation is to make sure you are making informed decisions when planning a cremation service.

Saying goodbye is never easy but not having the chance to say goodbye may be even harder. 

Whenever possible your family will be given the opportunity to say farewell in a private setting at the funeral home or at the crematory chapel.

The temperature reaches between 1100 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

No. An alternative enclosed, rigid container constructed of wood or cardboard is required, which is cremated with the body. It needs to meet standards of safety, respect and dignity. In some states, no container is required.

You may choose to keep the cremated remains in your possession, scatter them where allowed, or bury them in a cemetery or place in a mausoleum. You can keep a portion of the remains as a remembrance in a small urn or in a keepsake.

Over 80% of cremations in the area include some form of funeral ceremony or memorial service. Whether religious or non-religious, a gathering of some form always plays an important role in the grief and healing process.

At Memorial Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we have three locations with flexible spaces for nearly any kind of service. We also have the staff and equipment to accommodate any request.

On the day of the ceremony your Memorial Funeral Homes team will handle all the details while you experience the love and support of family, friends, and community.

Usually 4 to 5 pounds not including the urn.

The size of an adult urn we recommend is 200 cubic inches or approximately the size of a one gallon paint can.

Cremation is accepted by many religions. If you are uncertain whether cremation is favorable within a specific religion, contact us for help.

Yes. Planning ahead the details and payment of your cremation can be done with our help, at your convenience. You can also sign the Cremation Authorization; alleviating the burden from your family of choosing your funeral plans.

All too often a family member receives the cremated remains and are left wondering… now what? Do you scatter the ashes someplace? Do you place them in an urn? What do you do with the urn?

Even if a fireplace mantel at home is the short-term decision, we always advise families to plan for a more permanent destination for the remains. If they do not, they are leaving a problem for future generations to solve.

We help your family decide upon a suitable final resting place for your loved one. We will discuss options such as burial or a niche at a local cemetery, scattering at sea and backyard garden urns.

Have more questions on cremation? Contact us now.