The Benefits of Planning a Cremation Service

Tiverton, RI cremation services

Do you need to plan a funeral or a cremation? Perhaps you’ve looked into cremation as a final service option and have discovered that cremation is more common than burial these days. While you can always get the answers, you need from a Tiverton, RI cremation services provider, you can also read on to learn about some of the benefits of planning cremation.

Cremation Less Expensive Than Burial

One of the main reasons why people plan cremations over funerals with casket burials is that the former is a lot less expensive than the latter. Check out the general price list available at any funeral home you go to. This document will show you everything the funeral home sells and the prices for these services. It won’t take long for you to see that a cremation is more cost-effective than a funeral. Of course, if you want a funeral service and casket burial, a funeral director will help you plan something that is affordable. But if you want the cheapest possible final disposition option available, cremation is something that you’ll want to consider.

More Rest Place Possibilities

If you plan a funeral service and a graveside service, the final resting place will be the cemetery where the body is buried. But there are multiple final resting place possibilities if you plan a cremation. You can bury the urn someplace — like in your backyard or in a cemetery’s urn garden — for instance. You can also scatter the ashes in a way that commemorates the deceased. For example, if they loved going camping, you might want to scatter the ashes in a rural area. If your family owns a piece of land out in the country, that could be the perfect option.

Portability Options

Yet another reason why cremations are so popular nowadays is that the body disposition option offers portability. In other words, you can take the cremated remains with you virtually wherever you go – if you so choose. You can move the urn from room to room in your residence, place it outdoors in different areas, carry some of the ashes to scatter in a foreign country, and more.

When you’re ready to plan a final service with a funeral home offering funeral services and cremation services in Tiverton, RI, we’re here to assist. We have experience helping people from all walks of life to plan and to preplan body dispositions final services that honor the dead and that comfort the living. So, you can count on us funeral directors to provide individualized funeral services designed to meet the needs of you and your family. We’ll take the time to explain the planning process, answer your questions, provide helpful recommendations, and much more. You can count on our dedicated professionals to help you make funeral service or cremation service arrangements. For the help you need, please give us a call to speak to one of our staff or stop by to talk to someone in person. We’re here to assist in any way we can!

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